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Blair Durnan: The Benefits of Skateboarding for Kids on the Spectrum

Blair Durnan: The Benefits of Skateboarding for Kids on the Spectrum

August 5, 2021

Introducing Blair Durnan, founder of Spectrum Skateboard Society, an organization that teaches skateboarding to kids on the spectrum.

Join us as we chat about how skateboarding can help with social skills, self-esteem, communication and persistence and about how Blair is using his experiences on a board to share these lessons with kids and families.     

Connect on Instagram: @spectrumskateboardsociety

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Vicki McGrath: Her Extraordinary Life with Autism

Vicki McGrath: Her Extraordinary Life with Autism

June 30, 2021

Join us for this conversation with Vicki McGrath, late-diagnosed woman on the Autism Spectrum.

Vicki shares her story of determination & perseverance before and after diagnosis, her Extra Sensory Perception, how she sees her autism as a gift and, in her words, her extraordinary life.


About Vicki:

Vicky McGrath is a wife, mom, and business owner and was diagnosed with ASD in 2019, at 50 years of age. Vicky has an undergraduate degree from Trent University and a master’s degree from Cambridge University.  Vicky spent 20 years in the government sector in the environmental field before making the jump to business ownership. Currently, she is owner of a private home care company, caring for elderly clients in the safety of their own homes and also a professional speaker.

Vicky is also a runner and triathlete, having completed several marathons, half marathons and triathlons including half Ironman and three full Ironman triathlons. It was during a long training ride in 2006, before her (not to be) third Ironman that Vicky crashed her bicycle, broke some ribs, punctured her lung and sustained a concussion and launched her path of self-discovery, resulting in her autism diagnosis in 2019.

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Caris Park and her mom, Sara: Advocating and Educating about Autism

Caris Park and her mom, Sara: Advocating and Educating about Autism

May 5, 2021

Caris Park is an 11 year old autism ally and advocate who, with her parents support, started educating the kids in her school about autism when she was in grade 4. Her "What is Autism?" class presentation ended up reaching over 90,000 people via social media!

Today, Caris, her mom Sara and her brother Carter, who is on the Autism Spectrum, work to educate and create acceptance with their series of educational videos and through their social media pages. Their videos include information about autism including things like stimming, sensory concerns and communication and are perfect tools for teaching anyone about the special characteristics of autism.

As Sara says, early education is one of the keys to increasing acceptance and inclusivity for individuals on the spectrum and the videos that she, Caris and Carter are developing are excellent resources for anyone working to educate and learn.

Caris is a role model for other kids out there who want to work towards a more accepting world and we are excited to share her enthusiasm today.

Watch the videos HERE

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